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Passage is a privilege no matter where one finds oneself, and this is highlighted through Africa with a vehicle. It doesn’t come by itself, its created. It is also very challenging, simply because its passage is so obstructed. Navigating each and every obstacle has come about only through realising that we are not only guests to its beauty (even though we are proudly African!) but more through a deep hearted understanding that each and every safe turn of our vehicle’s wheel is made possible by our Creator…

IMG 3979Mandatory: sticking (vehicle decals) is one of many vehicle requirements when traversing the African continent, at Cape Agulhas, Africa’s most southern point (and vehicle in this photograph!).

We do just decide to do what is on our hearts and drive, but approaching this journey in and of itself has come about through being flexible enough to deal with all that our continent throws at us. Driving in Africa is like trail running - it requires a principled response to the adventure. This Tale highlights these responses that makes traversing the African savanna just that so much more special, and beautiful:

IMG 1340Fences line the sides of Namibian roads indicating farms and national parks.

Self-supported: Alone - physically, emotionally and cognitively, this adventure is us, our vehicle and the road ahead. Pretty much nothing else. Like the trails, the track does not make it possible for side line supporters.

IMG 1680Crossing nations: The Trans-Kgalagadi Highway runs from Swakopmund on the west coast of Namibia east through the country and across the border and into the interior of Botswana.

IMG 6378Highway: The Trans-Molopo Highway runs along the Molopo River in Botswana, bordering South Africa to its south. Some parts turned into an airplane landing strip!

Humility: especially at border crossings, realising that we do not deserve any right of passage except that which is graced us. Crossing a border sometimes feels like an achievement.

IMG 2058Fences are hard to come by in Botswana, with some special encounters along the passage…

IMG 2986Post Malaria blues: as much as we were prepared for it, contracting this disease is probably part and parcel of the passage - learning and being greatly humbled along the way.

Adaptability: change to the terrain or it will change us, the hard way. TIA – This Is Africa.

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Keep moving: sometimes with no real place to stop on the roadside, reaching a place of refuge is like crossing a finish line for the day. Recover, refuel and rest for the road ahead. Taking one kilometre at a time, reaching our next destination is a reason to celebrate.

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Look around: just enjoy, even if it’s brutal at times…

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IMG 4445Road side business: avid supporters of locals and their small businesses, we could not help but do our fresh grocery shopping on the road side passage. Besides, it was fun – numbers and survival are common languages in Africa.

IMG 4358Crossing the border into and reaching Tanzania was somewhat of a mental hurdle. We could not but give glory to God for this milestone.

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We pick our way across this mighty continent, celebrating each day as a gift and grace that makes the terrain seem so much more than the difficulty that it is.

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Yet, we learn that adventuring through the African continent makes us realise that the only major obstruction is our own response to the challenges…

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What response are you running?

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